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released April 24, 2015



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Tear Off/Clean Up Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Legit
Do you think this guy's legit? Does he even got that shit? In your car in front of his mom's house with the beers in a bag in the backseat! Backseat! Backseat! TXCUP! On fire tonight burned out bright!Pick me up take me to Lido Lanes. Pick me up take me to Lido!Swing on by my crib, one quick stop. Lemme get 5, bucks its all Igot! It's all I've got, It's all I've got, It's just a garage, It's just a garage. So what its just a garage! It's all I've got , It's all I've got, It's all I've got! Sometimes you fuck up and you get caught! Backseat! Backseat! Fought we've love we've lost. All fucked up we've paid the cost. Backed up to the wall we'll keep on fighting! Lost we're down were out still don't got it figured out. Hooves beating the ground we'll keep on searching! We're fighting we're losing we're lost. Down and out again, all fucked up and paid the cost. Can't run so you try to hide it. I don't know what you've got to prove! In the backseat I lost something too! In the backseat! In the basement! We were trying to burn our days, smothering in the worst of ways. We were trying to waste some time get down to the bottom line. Who says the way we are ain't how we should be? Who says that these lives ain't worth shit? You've seen the cracks and we still ain't broken yet!
Track Name: Tha Second Winter
Stuck together through the thick and thin boy, like we were born to lose! Getting older but we don’t learn nothing, more lost and more confused! Stunning hit the ground running, out the door like you’d had enough. Skated, hit the car waitin, down the street with the ankle cuff. They say that it gets better. What do ya do when it keeps on getting worse!!! Move on as if it doesn't bother you, stand tall with your dick knocked in the dirt! Wake up! Go to work! Stay out all night! Wake up! Go to work! You're too old and you don't know what its like! I hope I get it right this time! Passed out is where you'll find me, on your couch or on your futon! porch lights shine bright in this town. It's cold tonight, all alone but thats alright. Thats all right thats all right thats all right, good enough for me baby everything you wanted to be. Wake Up! Go to work! Stay out all night! Wake up! Go to work! You're too old and you don't know what its like!
Track Name: Police Tank
Toledo's got a police tank, it's fighting us! Armed guards at the library you're on TV on the bus. Theres blue lights in the parking lot there's gunshots on my street. Police tank's in the alley they're looking around for me theres a police tank. Theres a police tank, police tank theres a police tank bro keep your mouth shut know your rights they're kicking in your door tonight “hate the cops” more than the dicks.! JUST A PRICK WITH A BADGE AND A BONE TO PICK! In Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo! DIY DI-ME DI-YOU DI- US! Armed guards at the library you're on TV on the bus! DIY DI- ME DI-YOU DI-US! Stand up to the guns and cuffs, and the police tank! Police tank. Theres a police tank, police tank theres a police tank bro!
Track Name: Don't Get Bored - Bouncer Beatdown -DGB
Bouncers are like cops at shows they always start fights. I try to keep
the peace but it never ends right. Walking around with something to
prove, a chip on your shoulder and nothing to lose. You're just a
macho loser you're so full of shit. Stop acting like a tough guy we've
had enough of it. Next time when you fight we're gonna fight back.
We're not just gonna take, we're ready to attack. You're not innocent
there's blood on your hands. You won't have a chance when we take
a stand. Gonna Bash in your face take out both of your eyes. Maybe
when you're in the ground you will finally realize that it's a bouncer!
Beat down!
Track Name: Don't Get Bored - Think For Yourself
You can't choose. You are confused. Just told what to do. Used as a
tool. Don't do what you're told think for yourself even if it goes
against everyone else you. Got to stand up for what you believe even
if it sets you apart from your scene. You step up. They step back. On
your guard ready to attack!
Track Name: Don't Get Bored - Die Yuppie Scum!
Die yuppie scum! Die yuppie scum! Die yuppie scum! Die yuppie
scum! You're all just yuppies, you're gonna die. You all look the
same. You're all so damn lame.
Track Name: Don't Get Bored - Bible Belt/Rest in Hell
When I die I'll go to hell you're choking me with that Bible Belt. I
am blind but you can see, I'm sick of you're hypocrisy. Why should I
be just like you? Do all the things you tell me to? But if it means life
on my knees I never want to be set free! You tell me that you preach
good and love and that your message is from above. But that's not
what it seems to me, because all I see is hate and greed. Bible Belt!
Bible Belt! Bible Belt! Rest in hell. Worms in my brain. Eat out my
eyes, in agony but I'll never die, you want my redemption, down on
my knees, it's what you want, and what I need. You're telling me I'll
rot in hell, there's no other way. You tell me I'll rest in hell, for my
sins, I'll rest in hell. Fire consumes me, in agony. Fire consumes me
burning bodies